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Better Barricade Tape, Safer Jobsites

on August 27, 2020

As an employer you do everything you can to keep your employees safe. You provide training, PPE, site safety audits, and develop written safety programs and progressive disciplinary policies, all to ensure that employees know how to perform their job safely and understand the importance of safety to you, and the organization. Safety is within every component of running an efficient and profitable company.

Employers spend considerable time ensuring they know who is entering their jobsite or facility, which visitors are allowed and under what conditions, and protecting the public from the activities on-site. But what happens once someone is allowed on-site? How are we communicating the appropriate messages to keep unknowing workers and visitors from entering areas that are unsafe or that contain hazards for which they are unprepared? The answer in many situations is caution tape, but the message sent with traditional caution tape is just that: CAUTION. We tell people to be careful, but careful of what? Most people see caution tape, pause, and then proceed carefully without knowing if they should go through the tape or what dangers lie ahead.  

The same can be said for danger barricade tapes. In construction, we often see danger tape placed around jobsites, but what does it mean? We often see danger tape barricading an area that we want to keep other trades out of, but then we work behind that same danger tape barricade, sending a mixed message to someone on the other side of the tape. It is meaningless to someone that is uninformed about the activities taking place beyond the tape and that they are excluded, while the workers behind the tape are allowed to enter.

CAZ Tape's not only communicate more specifically that the area is off limits, but does so with pictograms, which are recognizable to those who speak other languages and those who may not be able to read at all. Additionally, CAZ Tapes come with a training program and hardhat stickers that assist employers in both training and identification of employees that are allowed within the barricade, which also aids in identifying and keeping out the workers that are not aware of the hazards.  

CAZ Tapes are a line of US Patent Pending barricade tapes that can help eliminate these concerns for employers. When it comes to the safety of your employees, there is no greater risk than miscommunication of safety protocols.  Let Controlled Access Tapes help you clear confusion on your worksites and improve safety.